About BBO

Our vision

We envision a better world in which people are heard. People all over the world deserve a voice and the chance to improve their living conditions, especially the marginalized. We like to co-create opportunities with them for more social-economical development, equality and welfare. Access to decision makers is essential to be able to make a plead and to be effective in achieving these goals. Policy influence, lobby and positioning are the tools that will enable people to get political access and to make themselves heard. Only then civil and political relations can improve and result in sustainable and just societies. On an international and national level, for men and women, everywhere in the world. We want to bridge people and politics.

Our mission

To increase political influence and policy direction and reinforce the position of organisations by giving advice and support to those who strive to achieve sustainable and inclusive civil changes and economic growth.

Our core values

  • Custom based and tailor made
  • High-quality service
  • Engagement
  • Low cost structure
  • Flexible organisation; using network of professionals for knowledge and expertise