What we offer

Political access

Advising agency BBO bridges people and politics, creates political access and enables political influence. BBO advises civil society organisations, companies, public-private partnerships and knowledge platforms around the world on developing effective lobbying strategies on national and international policy matters. Positioning the organisation strategically within the Hague arena plays a key role in this process. Therefore we focus on the Foreign Policy of the Netherlands, including the policy areas of Foreign Affairs and EU, Aid & Trade, International Security, Human Rights, Economic Affairs and international Cooperation.

Ways to influence

There are many ways to influence decisions of a policy maker, depending on the existing political reality and actuality, as well as the cultural context. Interpreting power relations within parliament and government, signalling upcoming trends and policies, recognizing influential outsiders and timely action are crucial for effective influencing. Additionally, the quality and reach of your organisation affect the method for lobbying or advocacy. To create the right strategy for your organisation to achieve political access, we offer the following services: