Coaching & training

BBO provides training and coaching for making an organisation 'lobby proof' since effective lobbying and advocacy demands people with certain expertise, qualities and skills. We are relative outsiders and therefore can pinpoint difficulties and offer practical solutions. Furthermore, we know a variety of organisations and companies inside out and therefore can offer you different approaches, knowing that they work.

Tailor made

The BBO modules are tailored to the particular needs of organisation and designed to address national and transnational issues where needed.
We offer the following:

  • Workshops, like 'Nine steps to a lobbying strategy'
  • Group training or personal coaching to improve lobbying skills
  • Managerial training like 'How to manage and organise lobbying activities'
  • In house workshop on the budget developments of the Foreign Affairs and Aid & Trade policies
  • Training of young professionals in international policy (part of the Advanced Master in International Development (AMID) programme of the Radboud University Nijmegen)

Please inform about our trainings and costs.