Network building

A good network, including local advisers, is a precondition to get enough grass roots support for your lobbying efforts and policy influencing. Local context is key when you want to influence policy. Policy influencing on a national level needs to take into account international political developments. Effective lobbying and advocacy strategies should be tailor made and globally connected to one another. Working together with different actors can strengthen your lobby activities.

Bridge between civil society and politics

The advisers of BBO maintain an active political network throughout the European Union, National Ministries (e.g. Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation) and Parliaments. Having advised civil society organisations for years, BBO functions as a bridge between civil society and politics. In the last years BBO has expanded its network to companies, knowledge platforms and institutions and public private partnerships. BBO's network connects clients with local advisers in e.g. Jakarta, Delhi, Nairobi, Bogota, Accra, Johannesburg, New York, Brussels and Washington. Their insider knowledge of local policies, politics and society yields crucial strategic advice on ways to enter the national or local political arena.

Our advisers support and advise you and connect you to the right people at the ministries or in parliaments. They also know what other players in the corporate sector or civil society are active on your theme which enables you to reach your goals in cooperation with 'unusual suspects'.