Political Monitor

Daily BBO monitors the Dutch policy developments and political debate in the field of Foreign Affairs, Development Cooperation, Aid & Trade, Investments and international Business Environment, International Security and Human Rights. Weekly 25 clients, ranging from CSOs to companies, branch organisations and financial institutions are informed through the BBO Political Monitor tool, this includes:

  • all new relevant policy notes from the ministries
  • an overview of Parliamentary activities like the agenda of the members of Parliament, hearings, voting and outcomes, questions to the ministers,
  • insight in the upcoming parliamentarian debates
  • reporting the outcomes of relevant debates

With the BBO Political Monitor you gain a complete understanding of the new policies, ongoing debates and the political hot issues.

In addition, we advise our clients tailor made on how to advocate in reaction to these developments. On behalf of these clients we develop and carry out advocacy activities like arranging network and expert meetings, engagement with politicians or policy makers, drafting policy letters, opinion in the media etc..